The journey towards health and wellness is expansive. I believe that as a person attains good health, their ability and desire to help others is increased ten-fold.

Kari Nelson CMT, KYT, TFC

As an integrative health practitioner for the past 24 years, I offer a holistic blend of Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Private Yoga Lessons, and Wellness Coaching.

Utilizing an array of holistic modalities, I provide a solid foundation that supports each individual in their path of healing. With a little help and guidance, everyone can tap into their inner wisdom and healling abilities and affect positive change in and around our lives.

My Personal Story and Why I am here to help you~

In early 2016 my life took a huge turn. I had spent the past two years getting tests and trying to figure out why my health was declining despite my clean eating and exercising. My Doctor insisted it was stress, and it was. But the stress had manifested. Eventually I would be diagnosed with late stage colon cancer along with some secondary illnesses from the large tumor that had been growing in my body.

By the grace of the universe, I realized the moment that I was diagnosed that this was a gift and a blessing in a strange costume. 

During the time I had sought help from my doctor and acupuncturists etc etc, I realized that I had not been diagnosed- not because they didn't listen or wrote off my symptoms, but because my waking self was not yet ready to receive the information. There was a journey that I needed to go on, where I would find the tools and gifts that I needed to heal.

During the two year pre-diagnosis, I went from searching out answers from doctors and practitioners to finally searching within. While I thought I was doing this all along, I was really hoping that someone else could heal me and tell me what to do. When I realized that that was not happening, I deepened my meditation and energy practice, incorporated tapping and other self healing and releasing tools. I read more books on healing from within on forgiveness, joy, the inner child and so much more.

When I regained my power to heal from within, finally by what would appear to be a fluke, I found out that I had a large tumor occluding in my colon that needed to be removed or I would not live much longer. And I was ready! I was not afraid!

Had I received a similar diagnosis even 6 months earlier, I may not have had the strength, faith and resilience that I have today and that has helped me find remission. And most importantly, I was able to find the gift of cancer.  

I feel like I am soooo very lucky to have gone within and learned to love myself and all that my journey brings. And I know that we all have this inner wisdom that beckons us to go deeper within. No matter ones story, we all have quite a journey this lifetime. And we all have the chance to learn to listen deeper and hear what it is that our soul needs most to find balance and peace, so that we may live with more joy and gratitude.

And that is why I am here today. To help you tap into your inner wisom and listen to that which is begging for your attention. And with this awareness you will develop tools and skills that will refine your ability to hear your own inner wisdom and find your greatest health and joy in this lifetime.