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You can increase your bottom line along with your quality of life. Your desired future is waiting for you. Take the next step towards the life you have been dreaming of.
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    Life Coaching
    This is where it all starts. Identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Discover what underlying behaviors and beliefs have kept you from advancing personally and professionally. And improve your communication and relationships to achieve greater ease and support.
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    Business Strategy
    We will look at the infrastructure of your business and identify strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies. From here we will pinpoint the necessary resources and create a roadmap to take your business to the next level.
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    Community/ Philanthropy
    Business survive because they are offering something of value to the public. Business thrive when they become a valuable part of their community. Learn how giving back to your local community will improve your overall business and self-worth.
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    Confidant Services
    I provide a safe, confidential space to discuss and process both business and personal challenges. Not everyone needs a therapist, but everyone can benefit from the ability to talk and work through a difficult situation.


I have been working with business in the health and wellness industry for the past 18 years. I work with every aspect from technology and turn-key solutions, to marketing and business strategy. I have raised over $1,000,000 in capital and helped develop innovative business solutions that retain triple bottom line values.
I have been working with Three Filters Business Coaching Technology since 2001. This is akin to Myers Briggs, but is designed specifically for groups and teams in the work space. I have worked with many solo entrepenuers, and this is an ecellent system for helping a business grow and fulfill its potential.

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