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Regain a sense of health and well-being in your everyday life. Discover your path to optimal health with guided steps towards improved sleep, relaxation, energy and endurance.
As we take sustainable steps to improve our health, finding the motivation and desire to achieve our goals becomes a reality.
Wellness Coaching sessions- $75/ hr
     Stress & Anxiety 
     Inner Wisdom 
     Personal Empowerment
     Medicine Cabinet Makeover
     Natural Family First Aid Kits
     Meal Planning (Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegitarian, Raw)
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When you are ready to end the cycle of chasing symptoms and temporary relief...
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In my personal experience with illness including late stage cancer, I have found that there is a spiritual and emotional piece involved with every kind of dis-ease. With this awareness and understanding, we can begin to heal the root cause of the dis-ease in our body.

One of the most interesting experiences I have had with connecting to the spiritual and emotional root of a dis-ease was becoming pain free, even though the anatomical structure causing pain had not changed.

So how can an arthritic joint still be present, but the pain be gone? There is not much science to explain this. But what myself and many clients have discovered is that pain works like a messenger in the body. Once the message has been heard and addressed, the message is no longer needed. 

On some level we all know this. You touch a hot burner and a signal is sent to your brain and the brain sends a signal of pain to the hand and you know to remove your hand before more damage occurs. And this all happens in an instant!

If we take this to the next level, we can learn how to listen to other forms of discomfort and dis-ease in our body. Much like removing your hand from a hot burner, you will learn how to listen to what the body is asking for when it manifests dis-ease, addiction, cravings, weight change, depression, and so much more. 
In working with me, you will not only discover your connection to your inner wisdom, but your natural ability to initiate the healing process. This initiation is the doorway to our inner and outer healing abilities.

By opening this door way, you are accessing your intuition as well as your ability to draw in that which is needed to heal physical ailments and disease.
So many of us can sense that our bodies are out of harmony and even experience dis-ease states. We ping-pong between practitioners and therapies only to find dead ends or partial healing.

When you are ready to end the cycle of chasing symptoms and temporary relief, you must turn within and access your inner wisdom. Once this is activated and you acquire the skills to listen and follow your inner wisdom, your healing journey becomes smoother. Your strength, grace and resilience increases. And your perspective and attitude improves dramatically as you come in to alignment with your intuition and inner wisdom. The right practitioners and the right therapies begin to turn up and a sense of flow happens around healing. You have all the tools and wisdom you need.

If you choose to work with me I will help you tap into and connect to your inner wisdom. These are tools that will last you a lifetime and bring you the greatest health, happiness and joy.

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