Yoga & Meditation


Unwind your mind and body with therapeutic and restorative Yin yoga. Dive deep into your field of inner awareness as you begin to bridge the gap between your heart and mind. Using breath, sound and movement the alignment of your energy centers awaken.
Designed for the benefit of all people. The principal of restorative yoga is to help the body and mind regain optimal function, health and awareness. 
With roots in Ashtanga yoga as well as Yin style yoga, Kari offers a healing approach that creates more flexibility in the body and mind. 
Private Yoga Session- $45/ hr
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 Using Dr. Henry Grayson's Mindful Loving Technique, we can transform how you experience the world. 
Calm your nerves and relax on the deepest level imaginable. Create space in your mind, free of worry and doubt.
This enables one to dream, laugh and enjoy life! Many have come to believe that meditation is a cumbersome practice. But when done in accordance with your interest and attention span, meditation becomes a natural part of your lifestyle.
Transformational Meditation Coaching- $45/ hr
     Breath Work
     Mindfulness Practice
     Mindful Loving Technique     
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